The WhiteCellRx™ elements

The WhiteCellRx™ system utilises three key elements: the MedCell™ (the cell); the Nucleus Dock™ (the dock); and the Electron Cart™ (the cart). All elements communicate with each other via the WhiteCellRx™ network and RxComm™ software and, based on requirements, can be integrated with the facility’s medication management and administration software.

Electronic linking

The WhiteCellRx™ system maintains a physical and electronic linking of a patient with a secure medication cell and a corresponding dock address, at all times. This link begins at admission to the facility, and continues throughout the patient’s stay, right up until discharge. It ensures medication stays with the right patient, even if they move from one department to another. If a patient moves to another bed, their dock address is updated so only the new address will accept the patient’s MedCells™. If a MedCell™ is placed in the incorrect dock, it will not be allowed to lock in place. In addition, both the cell and the dock have electronic alarms to indicate a mistake has been made. This means that the right medication will follow the right patient.

Core function

The core function of the WhiteCellRx™ system is tocontrol access to medication in patient-specific MedCells™ secured in a Nucleus dock™ and to provide data collection and audit reporting on who accessed the medication and when. The capabilities are extended when the system utilises multiple units and/or integrates with a facility’s HIS software.


The WhiteCellRx™ system can stand alone or be implemented in stages. For example, a facility can install a small number of units for trial to determine whether the system suits their current and future requirements; or they can purchase the mobile cart solution while they budget for a full, bedside mounted installation. Whatever the configuration, the system can be upgraded at any stage, to accommodate expansion of services, new equipment, or new and upgraded HIS installations – all the while protecting and building on the original investment.