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WCRx Solution

The WhiteCellRx™ solution utilises two key elements: the MedCell™ (the cell); and the Nucleus Dock™ (the dock);). Both elements communicate with each other and can be integrated with the facility’s medication management and administration software.

WCRx MedCell™

A secure cell for storing and transporting patient-specific medication. The MedCell™ is internally compartmentalised with removable dividers and offers the option of multiple lid configurations – one lid to allow access to all compartments or individual compartment lids for access to single compartments.

The patient is allocated two MedCells™ upon admission to a healthcare facility and the electronic link to those MedCells™ is maintained throughout their stay. If a patient moves to another department or another bed, their MedCells™ go with them. This physical and electronic link ensures the medication stays with the right patient.

WCRx Nucleus Dock™

A smart docking device within which the MedCells™ are secured and stored. The Nucleus dock™ is programmed to accept only the assigned patient’s MedCells™ – if a MedCell™ is placed in the incorrect dock, it will not be allowed to lock in place and alarms will be triggered.

The dock can be individually mounted on the wall at bedside to provide safe, secure storage for patient-specific medication or, to accommodate infection control protocols, can be mounted adjacent to the room entry to allow access by clinical and nursing personnel without having to enter a containment area. It can also be mounted in clusters on the mobile carts for transport and medication administration, or in pharmacy and ward for bulk medication storage.

The Nucleus dock™ is identified in the facility’s administration system with a unique address, or bed location. Patients are assigned a dock address when they are assigned a bed and if a patient is required to move to another bed, their dock address is updated.

When not in use, the Nucleus Dock™ is folded away against the wall. When access to the MedCells™ is required, the dock is folded down, presenting a work surface for preparation of medications or making notes on the patient’s chart

WCRx Integration

Core function

The core function of the WhiteCellRx™ system is to control access to medication in patient-specific MedCells™ secured in a Nucleus dock™ and to provide data collection and audit reporting on who accessed the medication and when.

Electronic linking

The WhiteCellRx™ solution maintains a physical and electronic linking of a patient with a secure medication cell and a corresponding dock address, at all times. This link begins at patient admission to the facility and continues throughout the patient’s stay, right up until discharge. It ensures medication stays with the right patient, even if they move from one department to another. If a patient moves to another bed, their dock address is updated so only the new address will accept the patient’s MedCells™. If a MedCell™ is placed in the incorrect dock, it will not be allowed to lock in place. In addition, both the cell and the dock have electronic alarms to indicate a mistake has been made. This means that the right medication will always follow the right patient.


The WhiteCellRx™ Nucleus Dock™ can be both cart and / or wall mounted, enabling the solution to be adapted to any conceivable workflow and integrated with existing hardware. The WhiteCellRx™ solution can be implemented in stages, into a specific department or ward for example and then expanded to other areas or adapted to changed workflows. Whatever the configuration, the system can be upgraded at any stage, to accommodate expansion of services, new equipment or new and upgraded HIS installations – all the while protecting and building on the original investment.