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About WhiteCellRx™

About Us

WhiteCellRx™ is an innovative Australian company that was formed by a team of experienced and dedicated Healthcare industry professionals, who shared a vision to reimagine the delivery and administration of medication in hospital settings across the globe. The company’s purpose is to improve patient safety by reducing medication errors and improve staff efficiency by providing secure, electronically monitored medication systems to manage the flow of medication from the pharmacy through to patient bedside. At WhiteCellRx™, we recognise that medication management systems and workflows can vary considerably around the world and in every hospital. That is why we developed a solution that is both flexible and scalable. WhiteCellRx™ can integrate with existing hardware and software solutions to improve just part of the medication management workflow or reimagine it entirely. WhiteCellRx™ can be deployed just where needed today and then adapted to enable the evolving workflows of tomorrow.