Around the world, health care providers are experiencing increasing pressure from a growing and an aging population, an increase in chronic disease, problems with socioeconomic and geographic disparity of access to health care, and a never-ending need for more funding and new technology. A large portion of the industry’s expenditure is related to medication – the supply and administration of drugs and the cost of their mismanagement. This market demands a cost-effective, technologically advanced medication management system, to monitor and control the administration of pharmaceuticals and reduce the opportunity for mismanagement and misconduct. The WhiteCellRx™ system aims to meet this need.

Welcome to the future of medication management!

About WhiteCellRx™

At WhiteCellRx™, we believe medication safety is key to an efficient and effective health care system. Much of our health budget is being absorbed by the cost of avoidable medication errors – money that could be better spent investing in improving patient care. “Medication errors are among the most common incidents reported in public hospitals. This is not surprising, given that every admitted patient receives some medication. If medication is one of the hallmarks of treatment in our institutions, it, more than any part of our practice, should be made safer and, wherever possible, error-proof.” Cliff Hughes AO, CEO Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW

We want to improve medication safety in health care facilities around the world so we have developed a practical solution to one of the industry’s biggest headaches – medication management. WhiteCellRx™ brings electronic medication management to where we need it most…the point of care, the patient’s bedside. WhiteCellRx™ has focused on the design of our products – they need to deliver on our promises, and they need to look good while they’re doing it. We have concentrated on keeping the costs (financial and environmental) down and the efficiencies up. Our system can be implemented in any health facility – from the richest, most technologically advanced hospital to the poorest, most basic of facilities. And we believe that the world, as a community, is responsible for making health care safer – so we will share our knowledge and our technology with those who need it most.

We want to invest in the future, by participating in the development of new technology for the electronic age, and by sharing the wealth.

“…A healthy population and an efficient and effective health care system are essential to maximising the wellbeing of our nation, and the productivity of our economy and workforce.” A healthier future for all Australians: National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission 2009

Brochure: Introduction to WhiteCellRx™