WCRx Nucleus Dock™

A modular docking device within which the MedCells™ are secured and stored. The Nucleus dock™ is programmed to accept only the assigned patient’s MedCells™ – if a MedCell™ is placed in the incorrect dock, it will not be allowed to lock in place and alarms will be triggered.

The dock can be individually mounted on the wall at bedside to provide safe, secure storage for patient-specific medication or, to accommodate infection control protocols, can be mounted adjacent to the room entry to allow access by clinical and nursing personnel without having to enter a containment area. It can also be mounted in clusters on the Electron carts for transport and medication administration, or in pharmacy and ward for bulk medication storage.

The Nucleus dock™ is identified in the facility’s administration system with a unique address, or bed location. Patients are assigned a dock address when they are assigned a bed and if a patient is required to move to another bed, their dock address is updated.

When not in use, the Nucleus Dock™ is folded away against the wall. When access to the MedCells™ is required, the dock is folded down, presenting a work surface for preparation of medications or making notes on the patient’s chart.